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KI Principles
Tohei Soushu developed these principles to help understanding of the unification of mind and body in different situations of the daily life.
KI Aikido
What is Ki Aikido?
Glossary of  General Aikido Terms
General Aikido Terms you will here at the Dojo. Many of them are in Japanese and don't have direct translations into English.
Introduction to KI Aikido Technique Terminology
A list Ki Aikido techniques describing the Japanese for the target and delivery of the attack and the aikido art and finish of the technique.
KI Testing Criteria for Promotion
Ki-Society requires that students demonstrate mind and body coordination along with Ki Aikido techniques
KI Aikido Testing Criteria for Promotion
Ki Aikido techniques
Dojo Pictures
Pictures from the Dojo, yes we do have a good time!
Relaxation Taiso
Exercises that help us move in a more relaxed manner with rhythm.
Taigi Techniques
Taigi is based on the traditional movements of Aikido, and is used as an exercise and expression of Ki movement through a series of techniques with a partner. They are judged by balance, rhythm, and grace of dynamic motion.
Basic 8
8 exercises we often practice here in the Midland KI Society.
Ki Society Wall Papers

All Wallpapers are 800 X 600

  • Left click on the image
  • Once it loads, right click on the image
  • Select save as Wallpaper
Ki Breathing Assistant
This is a simple program to help with the timing while breathing at home alone Just set the duration and the length of each breath and start breathing. This is the first Beta release so let us know of any improvements you would like to see. Use the install option in WinZip to install the program.

This is version 2.0 of the program, new is a button to generate a random time for the length of the breathing session, thanks to David Hills for the suggestion.

Ki Breathing Assistant

Instructions for Installing Ki Breathing Assistant

  • First click on the link and download the file to a location on your hard drive, remember where you downloaded it.
  • Next use WinZip to open the Zip ( Zip is a method of compressing multiple files into one file ) file, if you don't have WinZip it can be downloaded at http://www.winzip.com/ddchomea.htm for an evaluation version.
  • Next use the Install on the WinZip toolbar or just double click on setup.exe in the WinZip window. this will start the installation process. Follow the prompts it will take about 2 minutes to install.

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